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About the Artist

Bruce McClunan’s passion for wildlife was fuelled at an early age by lengthy sojourns into the African bush with his family. As a child, he spent many hours modelling in clay, later moving on to carving in wood and stone and finally discovering the versatility of bronze, which has allowed him optimum creative expression. Bruce strives to capture the very spirit of every animal he portrays: “For me, each sculpture I create is the fulfilment of a vision, a special moment, captured in time.” He spends many hours gathering reference from life and one of the hallmarks of his work is his meticulous attention to detail. To obtain the highest possible standard of finish, he manufactures and casts his own exotic bronze and personally finishes and patinates each and every piece.

Bruce’s work has gained international recognition, with many of his sculptures being housed in private and corporate collections in Southern Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia and the Middle East. He has successfully exhibited at the Christies of London Annual Wildlife Auction, as well as in many exhibitions throughout Southern Africa.

Being a keen hang-glider pilot, Bruce enjoys the privilege of soaring above majestic mountains with the Black eagles and other raptors. He also skin dives the cold waters of the Cape and occasionally encounters dolphins, whales and sharks.

Bruce currently resides near Cape Town where he is able to commune with nature.
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