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About the Artist

Johann(Joe) Joubert. Born in the Kalahari district of South Africa, 1963 studied Graphic Design at Bloemfontein Technicon. After graduating he worked as a freelance Graphic Designer before beginning a career as a full time oil painting artist.

I consider myself self-taught, obsessively studied the works of Old Masters; learning to draw and paint, using their techniques. Major influences are centred on the surrealist movement, including artists like Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Hyronomous Bosch, Jean Arp and South African artist Keith Alexander.

What I paint is attitude to humanity, reflected through nature. My observations centre on the confrontation between man and nature and the human nature, the real and the subconscious. I draw my inspiration from the absolute, not culture or social demands, and am not in awe of perfection, knowing it is unobtainable.

Joe's works are sought after both in South Africa and internationally for their vibrant colours and unique style of portraying an urgent message concerning our environment. His works are all a thought provoking journey into the abstract space of a surreal world.
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