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About the Artist

Solomon Siko was born in Wellington in 1965 and at the age of seven he moved to Mbekweni Township, Paarl, with his family and has lived there ever since.

Mbekweni township was formed in the sixties when the group areas act uprooted families from neighbouring towns like Wellington and Tulbagh, and dumped these families outside Paarl. Some of the earliest memories Solomon has, are of hiding from the police by sleeping in the bushes with his mother who was looking for work, and not having a pass. Mbekweni, like so many other areas in South Africa, became a site of struggle during the eighties.

He has come a long way since he started working as a sign writer and later as a labourer on the Du Toits Kloof Tunnel, where the N1 Highway cuts through the Drakenstein mountains. With no formal art training he submitted a portfolio to the Community Arts Project and as selected for their three year course from 1987 until 1989. Since 1991 he has worked as a full time artist and has received various awards and been part of a large number of exhibitions including the “ Art Against Apartheid” exhibition held in the South African Parliament, Cape Town in 1996.

Solomon Siko’s work can be described as “ Strong, accurate, sensitive and individual. Drawing technique and expressive use of colour are used by this artist to tie together intriguing visual narratives”

On 29 March 1991 an article about Solomon appeared in the Paarl newspaper, the PAARL POST. This article opened with the sentence “ Solomon Siko is a name to watch.’ Since then Solomon has grown and developed to one of South Africa’s top artists being recognised by international and local galleries and corporates.
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