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Fifa 2010 Fine Art

"Africa Salutes You" is a collection of artworks commissioned by H.R.H. Nkosi, Zwelivelile Mandlesizwe Dalibhunga Mandela. The project was initiated to fund various community projects in Mvezo, South Africa, birthplace of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, father to a free South Africa.

The artworks created by South African artist Athol Moult were inspired by the biggest soccer event Africa will have ever hosted and by the children of Mvezo. The artworks tell a story of celebration, depicting African inspired characters that represent the competing soccer teams. “There is only one winner in the World Cup but in Africa’s first World Cup everyone is a winner as they will have all experienced the warmth and love of the African people.” This website tells the story of Mvezo and the creation of the artworks.

In November 2009 His Royal Highness Chief Zwelivelile Mandela approached his famous grandfather and asked him if he would endorse an initiative that will help to raise funds for the community of Mvezo. Mvezo is known as "The Birthplace", a small village in the Eastern Cape of South Africa where Nelson Rholihlala Mandela was born.

Nelson Mandela´s support was forthcoming and together with Izandla Mvezo Marketing (Hands for Mvezo), the Chief and Izandla Mvezo Marketing appointed an artist to create an image that embraces Mr. Mandela´s efforts in Africa as well as his involvement in securing the 2010 FIFA World Cup for South Africa and Africa as a whole.

The artist created a concept that met the brief in spectacular fashion. By involving himself with the three critical role players, the youth of Mvezo, the 32 qualifying nations of the 2010 World Cup and Mr. Mandela himself he has created an image that celebrates the participation of the football World Cup in an exuberant and youthful manner. 32 teams of 11 footballers all celebrating their participation in Africa´s World Cup.

The Mvezo Community is directly involved in the project and will be responsible for the allocation of funds to the five pillars of Mvezo´s self help strategy. The projects they have identified are the building of the Mvezo Pre School, the High and Primary School upgrades, modernizing the existing clinic facility and various community services projects. Through this project the community has already begun the building of the community centre´s ablution, kitchen and laundry facility

Athol Moult

Athol was bon in 1967 in South Africa. He graduated from the University of Pretoria with an Honours degree, Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts, majoring in Information Design.

Athol has been capturing and creating ‘visual conversations’ for over 20 years. His art finds expression in different mediums, from photography and sculpture to mixed media on canvas. While Athol’s art does not conform to a single style, his work across all media shows distinctive graphic influences. For athol the concept and message become the essence of his work an the choice of medium a key component in the execution of the concept.

Through solo exhibitions, his work is represented in corporate and private collections in South Africa and abroad.

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