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About the Artist

Takura Chadoka is one of Zimbabwe’s up and coming artists based in South Africa and has over 5 years of commercial art experience.
He was born in a town called Chitungwiza, 20km outside the Zimbabwean capital city Harare.
Takura went to the National Art Gallery School of Art after completing high school were he was also studying art as a subject Unfortunately he was not able to finish his certificate in art due to financial constraints and a hushed economic environment.
Takura Chadoka’s paintings reflect the Shona culture way of life in Zimbabwe, mostly life in the rural areas were he used to spend most of his time, and it also shows the life of African people and their daily activities.
His paintings show the true Shona women dressed in their colourful ethnic clothing.
The colours that he uses in his paintings are usually very bright, symbolising the brightness of Africa and the cheerful, happy life of the Shona people.
Takura Chadoka is now a full time artist based in a small town called Pringle Bay which is located about 100km from Cape Town, with a magnificent view of the sea and mountain, from which he draws new inspiration for his continuing growth in art.
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