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About the Artist

Vanessa was born on 11 February 1977 in Zimbabwe. She attended The Johannesburg Art Foundation. After which she furthered her studies at the Port Elizabeth Technikon in art and an applied course in Photography and figure drawings.

In Cape Town she studied at the Red and Yellow school of advertising and design, which is sponsored by Ogilvy and Mather of New York.

In 1998 she won the Zonnebloem in art award for a painting, which was used as a label for the world famous Zonnebloem wine range. Her work was viewed on wine bottles throughout the world.

Vanessa worked in the advertising and design industry for three years until 2001, when she decided to devote all her time to painting. Shortly afterwards, in December 2001, she held her first solo Exhibition in Cavendish Square, Cape Town. Her work is presently also exhibited in the Bild Art Gallery in Germany and she is hoping to represented by the London Art Co UK Ltd.

“Being born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa and its cultural diversity has always been an integral part of my consciousness. The use of colour and design in tribal outfits and ceremonies has always inspired my art. My paintings become my way of connecting with the many cultures and people that make up our African continent. Through my art I am able to develop a unique relationship with the subject and automatically I can realise and appreciate the subtleties and ways of the many people I share this continent with.
The people of Africa are colourful, diverse, attractive and beautiful.
My paintings are an opportunity for me to share those qualities with the rest of the world, bringing people together in appreciation for the unity in diversity.”
Vanessa Gaye
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